30 tips keren buat Aspire One

Dibawah ini terdapat sejumlah tips yang bisa dimanfaatin buat nambah keren Aspire One mu. Kalo ada tips lain yang belum tercantum boleh lho ditambahin lagi bagi-bagi link-nya…dan jadilah pemilik Aspire One paling keren se-Indonesia ^_^

Tips buat ngulik Software

  1. Linpus Advanced Mode
  2. Minimise Color Banding in X11
  3. Quieter Fan
  4. Speed up SSD Access
  5. Flash Latest BIOS (note: hati-hati dalam penggunaannya karena dapat merubah settingan awal)
  6. Upgrade to OpenOffice 2.4
  7. Install F-Spot Photo Manager
  8. Upgrade to Firefox 3
  9. Flash Player 10RC2 Installation
  10. Upgrading Acer OpenJDK Runtime to Sun Java
  11. Upgrading Acer Mail to Thunderbird
  12. Changing Linpus Desktop Icons
  13. Ten More Tweaks for a new Acer Aspire One
  14. Deselecting Forced Acer Updates
  15. Switch between Acer and XFCE Desktops

Operating System Alternatif

  1. One Linux
  2. Arch Linux
  3. Ubuntu Netbook-remix
  4. DebianAcerOne
  5. Gentoo Linux
  6. Open SuSE
  7. Foresight Linux
  8. Mac OS X
  9. Windows Vista

Ada juga tips-tips yang bisa dipelajarin buat nambah mantab Aspire One mu

Hardware Hacks

  1. Install Internal Bluetooth
  2. Ram Upgrade
  3. Replace SSD with 1.8” PATA HD
  4. A Selection of Additional Disk Space Enhancements
  5. Touchscreen Hack
  6. USB Hub and TV Tuner

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